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Like most people, 2020 started off for me with a bang. My short-story edits were going good. Then…the pandemic. I just realized that I hadn’t posted in seven months. What have I been doing for the last year? Well, instead of talking about all the negatives, I will say this… I grew as a writer […]

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Start A Story

Where do you get inspiration from? How do you start a story? I find my creative juices flow with a great opening line. Below are some opening lines I have thought of. Let’s hide it in here, no one has been in here for eight years. Brandon Schmidt wanted to be popular in the worst way. […]

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Today I will… These three words are a part of my daily vocabulary.  I grew up in a family who made daily lists of things they needed to accomplish.  In recent years, I’ve noticed that I have passed this trait on to my children (perhaps a good quality to have?) Where does inspiration and ideas […]

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