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Like most people, 2020 started off for me with a bang. My short-story edits were going good. Then…the pandemic.

I just realized that I hadn’t posted in seven months.

What have I been doing for the last year?

Well, instead of talking about all the negatives, I will say this…

I grew as a writer last year and will continue to push forward hopeful to get my short story collection into readers hands this year. I am still editing my work with my editor, Polly Alice McCann at Flying Ketchup Press.

To improve my writing, I recently purchased a subscription to Prowriting Aid.

It was between this and Grammarly, which is an awesome writer’s tool also.

Do you use one of these aids? If so, which one and why?

May 2021 bring blessings of good health and prosperity!

May we all choose love and respect for one another this new year!

By Carole Lynn Jones

2 replies on “2021”

You know what’s a writing aid I never knew existed? Google Docs. Yeah, THAT Google Docs.

I’ll write everything in Scrivener, and think that I’ll have avoided most glaring errors, but that’s until I back up my work in Google Docs and see the list of blue squiggly lines in almost every chapter. Catches more detailed mistakes than Grammarly too, I feel.

Thanks for commenting Stuart. Google Docs is a good word processor as well. I use Microsoft Word. One of the features I like so far with ProWritingAid is I can view my overused words, style, cliches, etc.
Here’s to a New Year with error free writing!

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