This New Job’s Murder

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Meet Melody Shore, a sassy calamity-prone millennial who leaves Pittsburgh and her legal secretary career to work as a funeral assistant doing her best to send the dearly departed off to a “peaceful rest” in her hometown of Pleasantview. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to keep herself out of the crosshairs of murder. Join Melody, in five short cozy mysteries as she buries her past, digs for clues, and unearths small-town secrets.

“The Right Accessory for Murder” – While trying to maintain serenity at The Peaceful Rest Funeral Home, Melody Shore takes on the task of solely solving a deceased socialite’s jewelry theft putting herself in jeopardy of becoming the cemetery’s next internment.

“This New Job’s Murder” – The conscientious funeral home assistant, Melody Shore, and her handsome boyfriend Russell team up to steal our hearts, but are they in the right ballpark for murder?

“Dial a Murderer” – Melody’s thoughts that the mysterious deceased woman chilling one floor below her is a murder victim are put on hold to perform her civic duty of making calls for a special election. Will she dial up a murderer instead?

“Things Can’t Get Any Hearse” – A Halloween party, a broken-down jeep and a hearse put Melody Shore in the driver’s seat for murder. 

“Recipe for Murder” – Melody Shore’s attempt to impress her boyfriend Russell and his police coworkers with a platter of her “almost famous, to-die-for chocolate chip bars” gets her in a tray‑full of trouble.