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A brief summary, an outline of the plot of a book, play or movie.

What should be in a synopsis?  There are many answers to this, but I have learned that a successful synopsis must have certain key elements.

Exposition (setting, tone, characters and any other facts necessary to understand the story)

Dilemma (conflict)

Climax (turning point/high point of story)

Resolution (concludes the action)

If you cannot write a one or two page synopsis for your story, you need to go back and revisit it.

Below is a website which I found very helpful.  Thank you Writers Digest.

Here is the synopsis I am working on for of one of my current cozy mysteries I am going to market as a series.

The conscientious calamity-prone cemetery assistant Melody Shore is back to steal our hearts.

At the Peaceful Rest Cemetery where she works she meets Bob Morrison who has come to make the funeral arrangements for his wife, Denise. Denise was the marketing director for the Greenville Bats, a local professional baseball team that her family owns and manages.

Melody finds out that the “Bats” are in need of a mascot and steps up to the plate deciding that this is the type of second job she needs to increase her income and social status.

After knocking out the rest of her competition in a tryout that no one expected, she is hired and quickly discovers that being a baseball mascot is not as glamourous as she thought.

She must juggle her cemetery position and her blossoming love interest with her detective boyfriend all the while learning her new job.

The costume she is required to wear with its rubber wings, oversized head and large big bird feet are a minor challenge. It is the staff and players she meets and befriends that put her in the right ballpark for murder.

In the end, Melody outplays the murderer and avoids being killed herself.

Hope this post inspires you.

Happy Writing!




By Carole Lynn Jones

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