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One Final Blast of Winter

As Mother Nature blasts the North East with one last blast of cold and snow reminding us all of nature’s power and quiet beauty I stay indoors and sit in front of my computer for hours on end trying to finish the list of resolutions that I made in the New Year before spring and the joy of being outside overtake my every thought.

One resolution I made this year was to finish and market my humorous cozy mystery.  This is a rewarding but daunting task and reminded me of the following quotes which I have heard (author unknown).

Success is no accident.  It is the result of hard work and loving what you do or learning to do.

Hard work pays off in the future.  Laziness pays off now.


Everyone has a story.  Now go out and sell yours – Carole Lynn Jones

Because the premise of my blog is to help the beginning writer with tips I have learned and also encourage below is a list of several tips I can offer.

Finish your book before querying.

Write your query letter and synopsis.

The internet can be your friend for searching agents – manuscript wish list – (this is not a place to promote your story, simply a place for agents to list their wishes).

Search the type of book you are promoting before querying.  You do not want to waste an agent’s time who is not currently  accepting your genre.

Follow the submission guidelines.

Be professional.

Keep writing while you wait for your responses.

May everyone who reads my short blog this month find inspiration to complete your long overdue projects.  Back to work.., Happy Writing all!

By Carole Lynn Jones

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