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How to Create Your Own Children’s Writing Niche – One Simple Technique

In my never-ending search for writing tips, lessons, and ideas, I came across the below website that recently sent me this interesting article. I have posted the link below. Thank you Children’s Book Insider for sparking my imagination.

How to Create Your Own Children’s Writing Niche — With One Simple Technique (via

I was watching my new favorite comedy show — Kroll Show — last night and had a revelation about the creative process.   This episode featured a particularly hilarious installment of the sketch Wheels, Ontario, a delirious spoof on Canadian culture…

By adding one word, you create an entirely new topic.
I took the challenge, here are my thoughts:

Carole Lynn Jones, Dinosaur trainer
Two Like Magnets Attract
World’s Sleepiest Runner
World’s Happiest Emoticon
Open-Air Video Games

I would love to hear yours, comment me back.
Happy Writing!

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