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Writing is a trip to the amusement park

When I think of writing, this metaphor comes to mind.

Writing is a trip to the amusement park.

  1. On sunny days, ideas flow through your mind like people at a crowded park.
  2. When it is rainy, ideas like rides shut down.
  3. The process of writing and a roller coaster are filled with exhilarating moments, steep hills to climb, thrills, twists and turns all to get your plot on paper or your body back on the ground.  At times you want to throw your arms in the air and scream.  Other times you hold on tight to your thoughts.
  4. Sometimes you feel all alone, strapped to your thoughts like being strapped into the sky coaster and being hoisted high in the air.
  5.  Your characters are the riders, each adding to the thrill.  You are your own protagonist.
  6. There is kiddy land, the spinning, twisting rides for YA and plenty of rides for the young at heart.
  7. The sweet smell of fudge, cotton candy and fries – the sweet smell of a book deal.


By Carole Lynn Jones

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