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Read and Review (R&R) – “Winter Witness” – By Tina DeBellegarde

“Winter Witness” by Tina DeBellegarde is an intriguing, page-turning mystery. #reading #mystery #bookreview Full review at

Winter Witness

By Tina DeBellegarde

Are you looking for a great fall read? “Winter Witness” is an intriguing, page-turning mystery.

Tina DeBellegarde’s writing shines in her first mystery novel. Her setting comes alive on the page, her plot is intriguing, and her characters so well-written. Small town life with characters who on the outside seem like everyday folks.

This is a story about a grieving widow who is considered a “outsider” in the small Catskill Mountain town of Batavia-on-Hudson.

The town of Bativia and its “locals” secrets are revealed with the death of an elderly loved nun and her closest friend, the local historian, that the villagers “loved to hate.”

The main character, Bianca, becomes intwined in solving the mystery and also in the troubled marriage of Sheriff Mike.

If you want to hear her first chapter read by Hank Phillippi Ryan, check out First Chapter Fun. Tina’s book was read on September 2nd.

Such a great story! I am hoping for another Bativia-on-Hudson mystery.

By Carole Lynn Jones

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