The 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest

It’s Halloween and time for one of my favorite contests.

Thank you Susanna Leonard Hill for once again offering your annual Halloweensie contest.  This year’s Halloween stories must be appropriate for children and no more than 100 words. You must use the words potioncobweb and trick.  Please check out the below link for the full rules to Susanna’s contest and the other fabulous entries.

Here is my entry –


I watched all my sisters
Above me in the sky
Moonlight casting shadows
Off their brooms as they fly.

My broom in the corner
Cobwebs cover it thick
To get me to join them
They attempt every trick.

Mixing up dark potions
Casting a flight time spell
Cackling voices chanting
“It’s go time” they all yell.

“Come on now sister witch
There is haunting to do
You need to be airborne
We can’t fly without you.”

Instead of joining them
And causing ghastly fright
I am the only witch
Who is afraid of height.

About Carole Lynn Jones

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16 Responses to The 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest

  1. Nice twist! That would certainly be a problem for a witch. Great job!

  2. Kelly Conroy says:

    Ah, love it, Carole! So much fun!

  3. Nancy Riley says:

    Fun story. Good luck.

  4. Poor witch. Fun ending. Good luck

  5. Surprise ending. Well done!

  6. Poor witch. Maybe a low flying option? Good luck in the contest!

  7. Ohhhh I’m afraid of heights…and I only have sisters so I realllllly empathize with your MC. Great job!

  8. jeanjames926 says:

    I can certainly relate to your witch’s fear of heights. Cute story!

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