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A Necessary Task, Revisions

The threat of another winter northeastern storm looms upon us this evening.  After spending the day outside for a dose of the brief sunshine, albeit the temperature showed a balmy 23 degrees, I came inside and resolved to clean my kitchen junk utensil drawer.  The sun giving me the needed boost of encouragement to do necessary but not enjoyable tasks.  The dreaded drawer filled with measuring cups, assorted spatulas, pizza cutters, ice thongs, etc.  The one everyone who has been cooking for 20 plus years can relate to.  Each year I go through this drawer eliminating the unnecessary items.  I am amazed at the items that clutter its ease of use.

This task, like revisions in writing is necessary.

After cleaning the drawer, I pulled out a manuscript I started two years ago. I am revising it because I love my protagonist and know that this story is marketable.

As I revise, I wish to share below my beginning tips.  I would love to hear your additions.

The words matter in your manuscript.  You know that your idea is wonderful, you have a compelling plot, you have set your scene, developed your characters, but take the time to make your writing stronger.  Attend a critique group.   Read your story to your critique group.  If you don’t attend a group, find one.  Another set of ears pick up on things you miss.

Secondly, eliminate or at least consider a different word to make your writing powerful – below are the words I find troublesome:

all, am, are, big, every, feel, got, have got, important, is, just, never, often, seem, small, stuff, things, very, was, went

How many of these words were in my first draft – too many to admit.

How many in my polished revised draft – like the kitchen drawer, I am working on it.

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