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Inciting Incident

Inciting incident is the spring board that drives the story forward – causes your protagonist to act.

This week in my writing critique group we had a great discussion about inciting incidents, where they should occur in the story and can you have more than one.

Below is a great article I found regarding inciting incidents from The Editor’s Blog.
Please see the link to the Editor’s Blog an always useful source of information.

Not only is this a great article, but the responses are also very thought provoking.

Hope this blog helps all the aspiring writers out there. I would love to hear your comments on inciting incidents.

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Narrative Exposition

This is one area as a writer I am always working on perfecting.

Here are a few ways I found to introduce important background information/world-build my stories through:


Character thoughts

Background details

Information dump

For myself, as a children’s writer, the first two seem to work the best along with sounds and scenery description.

Two books which recently assisted me are The Secret of Nihm and The Tale of Despereaux.

I would love to know your suggestions on children’s books that helped you world-build.

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How to Create Your Own Children’s Writing Niche – One Simple Technique

In my never-ending search for writing tips, lessons, and ideas, I came across the below website that recently sent me this interesting article. I have posted the link below. Thank you Children’s Book Insider for sparking my imagination.

How to Create Your Own Children’s Writing Niche — With One Simple Technique (via

I was watching my new favorite comedy show — Kroll Show — last night and had a revelation about the creative process.   This episode featured a particularly hilarious installment of the sketch Wheels, Ontario, a delirious spoof on Canadian culture…

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Writing is a trip to the amusement park

When I think of writing, this metaphor comes to mind.

Writing is a trip to the amusement park.

  1. On sunny days, ideas flow through your mind like people at a crowded park.
  2. When it is rainy, ideas like rides shut down.
  3. The process of writing and a roller coaster are filled with exhilarating moments, steep hills to climb, thrills, twists and turns all to get your plot on paper or your body back on the ground.  At times you want to throw your arms in the air and scream.  Other times you hold on tight to your thoughts.
  4. Sometimes you feel all alone, strapped to your thoughts like being strapped into the sky coaster and being hoisted high in the air.
  5.  Your characters are the riders, each adding to the thrill.  You are your own protagonist.
  6. There is kiddy land, the spinning, twisting rides for YA and plenty of rides for the young at heart.
  7. The sweet smell of fudge, cotton candy and fries – the sweet smell of a book deal.


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Active not Reactive Characters

I was thinking about how to make my characters active not reactive when I came across this wonderful blog. It is from The Editor’s Blog.  See link below for the full article.

Make fictional characters suffer by pushing them beyond what they thought they could take. Give them challenges and then have them overcome those challenges.

via Dare to Challenge Your Characters.


Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

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Writing for Children

As I walk/run down this roller coaster experience of writing for children, I am learning, learning, learning.  I have just finished my first manuscript and am preparing for a meeting with an editor to revise, revise, revise.  One thing that I am also finding is the support of so many groups out there who are experienced writers.  This help is greatly appreciated.